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We rely ENTIRELY on your generous donations as we receive NO funding from the City, County, or State! Whether it is money, dog & cat food (Pedigree for the dogs and Purina for the cats please), products, or time, call us today to see how you can help! Our furry friends thank you!

You also have the option of making a monthly financial donation by clicking HERE.

See below for our monthly options:

$1 – Shelter Buddy 

KIDS PROGRAM – This monthly donation level is a great way for kids to get started with giving to a non-profit. Each Shelter Buddy can visit the shelter during open hours to play with the dogs and cats. 

$5 – Shelter Helper 

This monthly donation level is a great way for new supporters to get involved. Also, you could consider this support level on behalf of a child, grandchild, or fur baby!

$ 10 – Shelter Friend 

For the price of one lunch per month, you could become a Shelter Friend. A monthly donation of $10 each month adds up to $120 a year and assists with regular monthly expenses.

$25 – Adoption Assistant 

This level of giving will help us keep our adoption fees low, cover some of the costs of spay/neuter and medicine, and provide resources for training and fostering. Sometimes, just reducing the adoption fees helps us reduce the amount of time a dog or cat stays in the Shelter. You can really make a difference! 

$50 – Virtual Volunteer 

Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer your time each month. Consider becoming a virtual volunteer. Contributors at this level will help pay for the necessary staff to provide a clean and safe space in the dog kennels and cat rooms. Virtual Volunteers will be recognized by our Volunteer Committee. 

$100 – Virtual Pet Owner 

It costs approximately $100 each month to house a cat or dog. This level allows you to sponsor a dog or cat each month. Virtual Pet Owners will be assigned a different dog or cat for the time they are at the shelter until the adoption is complete. This is a great way to support a shelter dog when you can’t take more pets into your home. We want to provide specific information about the dogs and cats that you support.