Fostering an animal changes everything!

Do you have room in your home to foster an animal? Then the foster program may be perfect for you. Some of our animals would really benefit from living in a home environment. Shelter life is very distressing to them.

Check out Rose's story

Rose came into HSIC with a litter of puppies. She was heartworm positive, however within almost 24 hours someone ended up fostering her. Rose was one of the first group of heartworm positive dogs that SOS committed to taking from HSIC and whose heartworm treatment was funded by Heart Help.

In March of last year, Rose left for Rhode Island and was adopted through SOS to a retired RN who has since moved to FL. On their move, Rose slept in a hotel bed and ordered room service. I get regular updates from her chauffer (Dennis) and in addition to her new ride, sweet Rosie owns a golf cart (which she enjoys very much). He tells me "Rose is the best dog I ever had".

What a very long way Rose has come. She lives a joyous life and is loved deeply - she brings joy to Dennis. I don't know who is luckier, Rose or Dennis, but I do know this is why we all do what we are doing -

May all our residents have the chance to live the "Rosy" life :)

Rose's Photo


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