Dog Dip, Bath, and Vaccination Saturdays

The Humane Society of Independence County will have the dog dip, bath, and vaccination clinics on the first Saturday of May - September from 10 AM - 1 PM on the back patio.

Dates this year:
May 4th
June 1st (NO vaccination clinic)
July 6th
August 3rd
September 7th 

Dog Walking Club

Beginning in April the HSIC Dog Walking Club will meet every Wednesday morning at 9 AM, weather permitting. This time will be adjusted to an earlier time as the weather warms up. We meet at the shelter, pick a dog to walk, then transport them to the North Complex Sports Park where we walk around the walking track twice. Usually, this takes about 25-30 minutes and then we go back to the shelter. This gives the dog some much needed time away from the shelter, the opportunity to experience new sights and sounds, and some one-on-one attention with the human walking them. It also builds their confidence, teaches them to walk on a leash, and gives the dogs some basic training. Fearful dogs come to realize that the world and the people in it are really not all that bad!

If you would like to be a part of this activity, please let us know!