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Our adoption process is very simple and our fee is $100 for dogs and $50 for cats, though some animals are priced above or below those amounts. There is a $200 adoption fee for dogs who have been through the Arkansas Paws in Prison Program. All animals will be spayed or neutered and will have had age-appropriate vaccinations. Once you take your new best furever friend home, you will need to take them to your personal vet for a wellness check and to start yearly routine visits. Always remember to have an ID tag on your pet, it could be their ticket home.


At any given time our shelter may have up to 100 dogs and 50 cats at our facility. Some of these animals are shy and get left behind. So, if you can find a place in your heart and home to open up to our wonderful animals, please come into our shelter today and ADOPT your next Best Furever Friend!

Please call us today to find out more about these animals who have so much love to give!

Featured Furry Friends

Stories of adoptions

UPDATE: Happiest of Happiest Bedtime Tales for you tonight!! Jack has been adopted!! The Gardner Family spent several hours with Jack on Saturday. He got to meet his new brother Bud, and meet Maggie later that day.

Jack really warmed up to his new family, and they understand the importance of taking everything really slow and easy with him.

So Jack loves to lay on the deck and eat hotdogs. I’ve heard they have to make a hotdog run tomorrow.

Jack even met his new doggie neighbors!!

So let’s all say a great big congratulations to our Jack! After two long years, he is now finally home!!!

TY Amy Albert Gardner ❤

Bedtime Wish! Not a Happy Tail......yet.

Hi, I'm Jack! I’ve been at HSIC for over two years now. The shelter staff is really nice to me, but you see I’m really scared here. All the noise and smells just don’t seem natural. Every time someone walks by my kennel I sit in the corner and try to make myself look small, the staff says to me “Jack you have to be more outgoing if you are ever going to get someone to ADOPT you.” I try and I am very lovable to them, but strangers are just scary. I'm a gentleman and don't believe in moving to fast I guess.

Friday a volunteer (Foster Mom) came to the shelter and took me home for a "Sleepover Adventure". Everyone seemed very excited for me to go to her house. I tried to be brave, I rode in her car and was calm & quiet even though I was scared. Once we got to her house she let me go into the “Dog Park”. Oh wow, this place was nice, lots of grass and fresh air, oh and the smells. She let me just smell and walk around all I wanted by myself, then she brought another dog into the park. Her name is Sappho and she’s being fostered too. I like Sappho she loves to run and play….zoomies are her thing. So after we played, Foster Mom brought out a blanket and laid down. She let me and Sappho lay on it with her, and we could get up and play or we could lay down and take naps. I even let her pet and love on me, after I gave her a good muzzle snuffle. I’m still getting used to people loving on me, remember I don't like to move to fast.

Finally, it got dark and Foster Mom said it was time to go into the house. This made me sad. I really liked the dog park. And once she got the leash and attached it to my collar I kinda froze up on her. No matter how much I knew I should just walk, my feet wouldn’t move. Once we got into the house she had a crate with a big memory foam mattress for me. Boy did I sleep good that night, I slept all night without making a sound. I had lots of good dreams about fresh grass, blue skies, and comfy beds.

The next morning Foster Mom took me, Sappho and her blanket back out to the dog park. We played and slept again. The more I’m around her the more relaxed I become. Every day we play in the dog park and lay on the blanket to chill. I love Sleepover Adventures, I never want this to end.

Foster Mom - Jack is a shy timid boy, who will need lots of time and patience. But to look into his soulful eyes and have him trust you is an amazing experience. When he chooses to lay next to you to take a nap, and you hear that long drawn out sigh releasing all that tension, you can't help but sigh too.

He has done very well in my home, he sleeps in his crate all night, no accidents in the house, and is content to just lay around. He does love his time outside though and seems happiest when playing in the grass, or having zoomies. He is still getting used to the sounds of a house, loud noises startle him.

I haven’t told Jack yet, but on Friday his sleepover adventure ends.

HSIC – Jack was admitted into the shelter in June of 2017 (742 Days). For two years this guy has been overlooked. Would you please consider fostering or adopting him? You can message us here on Facebook and we can tell you more about him and how to foster or adopt him.

We do suggest a quiet home for Jack, he can get overwhelmed with lots of people and noises.

Please enjoy these photos of this sweet guy at his “Sleepover Adventure”.

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