Foster Opportunities

Fostering an animal changes EVERYTHING!

Do you have room in your home to foster an animal?


The foster program may be perfect for you. Some of our animals would really benefit from living in a home environment.


Shelter life is very distressing to them.


This acclimation makes them more adoptable!


Our Foster Stories

Remy the Rescue

Hi, my name is Sir Remington, Remy for short. I'm going to share my story so you'll see just how important fostering can be!

I was found along the highway one fall day. I had been dumped by my humans whom I thought loved me. I was skittish, scared, and hungry. After much coaxing, by a fine gentleman and an older couple, I got in the back seat of the couple's car. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I sure hoped there was some food.

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Chewy's Story

Back in June, we asked for a foster for our senior boy Chewy. He is 12 and shelter life was hard on him....enter Chewy's Angels, Jennifer and her two sweet little girls. They amazingly took on the task of fostering Chewy until he found his furever home.

Over a period of a couple of months with his new foster family, we watched our sweet Chewy thrive in their home. What we went in thinking would be a hospice home for Chewy, ended up bringing to life an amazing 12-year-old who still has some spunk in him! He also met a best friend in his foster home and he loved snuggling with her, holding her hand, and watching her tablet with her!


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