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Sponsor a Pet Adoption


Sponsor an adoption this Holiday Season for only $35. An adoption sponsorship allows someone else to adopt that sponsored pet for free. Your $35 sponsorship covers a $20 limited-time adoption fee and a $15 microchip fee. The sponsored pets will be posted and the Shelter Staff will use the application screening process to choose the right adopting family.

Your sponsorship will allow dogs and cats to be adopted at no cost. However, any unsponsored pets over 6 months will be eligible for a $50 adoption fee through the rest of 2021.

How to sponsor:


Pick a pet to sponsor here:     


Let us pick one for you.


Donate $35 here and use the notes section to include the pet's name or tell us to pick.  

You can always stop by the shelter and pick the dog or cat and pay their adoption fee in person. 

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