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The One-Eyed Wonder Dog

In the still of the night, the Humane Society of Independence County (HSIC) received an urgent call from the Sheriff’s office. A dog had been found with a horrific injury—an arrow piercing his eye. Rushing to the scene, the HSIC team was heartbroken by the sight of the injured dog. They gently scooped him up, administered pain medication, and prepared him for a life-saving surgery first thing in the morning.

The veterinary team worked diligently to remove the arrow and, sadly, had to take out the damaged eye. But this brave dog, who they named Petey, showed incredible resilience. Despite losing his eye, Petey's spirit remained unbroken, earning him the affectionate nickname "One-Eyed Wonder."

Petey spent a significant time at HSIC, his warm heart and playful nature winning over everyone he met. Though he was adopted twice, he was returned through no fault of his own, simply waiting for his PAWFECT family to find him.


In the summer of 2023, Petey’s FUREVER family finally appeared—a loving couple from Batesville who saw past his missing eye to the amazing dog he truly was. They opened their hearts and home to Petey, giving him the fresh start he deserved.

A year later, Petey’s family shared their joy: "When we first got Petey, it took him a little bit to settle in. We've had him for close to a year now and he is a completely different dog in the best way. We’ve got to see his personality really come through and we love it. He has been the perfect dog for us!"

Petey now spends his days basking in the love and care of his family, a testament to resilience and the transformative power of a FUREVER home. His journey from a tragic night to a life filled with joy and love inspires everyone who hears his story

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