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It's that time of year!

Consider purchasing your seasonal cards from us and allowing us to personally address and mail to your recipients. This is a fundraiser that will generate income for the Shelter (which receives NO City, County, or State funding) and will relieve you of one stress during the busiest time of the year!

Each card will have the recipient's name(s) along with the sender's name(s) and will be placed in an envelope that will also be hand addressed.

We have two choices from which to choose and several different quantities. 

Help our Furry Friends by letting us take care of your seasonal cards in a very personalized manner!

Holiday Card w Pine Needles_edited.jpg

(We thank you for your generous donation.  Please note that only the portion of your contribution that exceeds the value of any gifts you receive is tax-deductible. The estimated tax-deductible contribution is $3 per card ordered.) 

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