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Sunny's Journey to a FUREVER Home

Sunny, once known as Sparky, arrived at the shelter trembling with fear. Abandoned in a house after her owner's passing, she was skittish and untrusting. It took tremendous effort just to get close to her, let alone move her to the shelter. During her year-long stay, Sunny barely improved, remaining distant and wary.

In December, the decision was made to move Sunny to a foster home. This transition was an adventure in itself. Sunny refused to wear a collar and would snap at any leash. She was eventually lured into a crate and transported to her new temporary home. On the first night, she refused to enter the house, preferring the furthest corner of the backyard. For the first week, her foster family had to place her crate near the open door and drag it inside once she was in. Another week passed before they managed to get a collar on her and give her a much-needed bath. But from those rocky beginnings, Sunny began to transform.

After a year in foster care, Sunny was adopted by her foster family. While she still isn't friendly to strangers, growling at unknown noises and hiding when nervous, her progress has been remarkable. Sunny now answers to her name, knows how to sit, and can even give high fives. She has blossomed into a beautiful and loving dog.

This successful adoption was made possible by the dedication of her foster family and the expert help from Steven Jarvis of Freedom’s Calling Dog Training. Steven's guidance helped Sunny become more comfortable and taught her adoptive family best practices for handling fearful and nervous dogs.

Sunny's story highlights the importance of fostering. Dogs like Sunny can deteriorate in shelters, making adoption seem unlikely. But fostering gives these dogs the time and space to decompress and reveal their true personalities. Every dog deserves a chance to find their FUREVER home. Foster and adopt—because every dog deserves to shine like Sunny.

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