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(Spay Neuter Independence County)

Our community in Independence County is facing a significant challenge with the increasing number of stray and abandoned animals. Many of these animals end up in shelters, such as the Humane Society of Independence County (HSIC), which is struggling to cope due to limited resources and space. This issue is compounded by the economic situation in our county, where the poverty rate stands at 19.2%, notably 20% higher than the state average. With a median household income of $52,361 in 2022 and a per capita income of $27,867, financial constraints are a reality for many, as evidenced by the 14.3% of families living in poverty. Addressing this problem requires a community-wide effort to promote and facilitate spaying and neutering, ensuring a humane and sustainable approach to animal welfare. 


We firmly believe that proactive measures are essential to address our current situation effectively. Specifically, we need to focus on sterilizing as many animals as possible. To this end, we are organizing a monthly event where a dedicated volunteer will drive the HSIC van to our participating vet. We will transport up to 50 animals on each trip for sterilization procedures. This initiative is particularly aimed at assisting the residents of Independence County who are financially constrained and lack the means to travel in search of more affordable options.


The logistics involve the animals being collected and housed in crates the evening prior to the trip if needed or collected the morning of for those with that ability. On the SNIC run morning, they will be transported to the vet and undergo surgery. After the procedures, they will be safely returned to their owners the same evening. This plan addresses the immediate need for animal population control and provides a compassionate solution for pet owners facing financial hardships.

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Independence County TNR

We strive to provide a better life for feral cats through sterilization, feeding, and monitoring feral colonies; and to help every adoptable cat find a loving home.

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