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Our Foster Stories Continued...

Remy's story continued...

I spent fourteen months of confined living at the Humane Society with many other noisy dogs and cats, many trips to Petsense to be shown off, several almost adoptions, etc. Going to bed night after night just heartbroken and then waking up the next hoping that today was going to be the day I'd find my furever home.

Then one day I heard that a very sweet lady was going to take me home for a few days. I was SO excited that I didn't sleep a wink that night! I was going to be on my best behavior! As soon as we walked in her house I almost cried...the smells of being in a home, it was divine! She gave me a toy that I took and went and quietly laid down in the corner and just watched her work. I never made a peep and I did everything she asked of me. After a few days, I overheard her on the phone with her husband. They were talking about me having to go back to the shelter as the weekend was coming. I was devastated, sickened...I thought I had done everything right.

Then shortly after, I heard another conversation...something about another lady that had seen how well behaved I had been (there were lots of pictures and videos of me during my stay) and she wasn't going to let me go back to the shelter. She was going to meet us later and take me to her home! I was smiling, my Foster Mom was smiling...this could be it!

When we met in the park I realized I had met this lady before. She had come to see me at the shelter, she had come to Petsense and brushed me, walked me, and taught me to sit. I gladly climbed in her back seat and smiled at my Foster Mom as we drove away. While we drove this lady told me about her home. That she had lots of land on which I could run. She also told me that I would have to get along with her other two dogs for this arrangement to work. In acknowledgment, I climbed up in the front seat and smiled at her...I had this!

When we got to her home I slowly climbed out of the vehicle. A big black dog and a tiny black dog came running up as we entered the house. I just stood still and let them size me up. A few sniffs and we were off to play. It took me just a couple of hours to seal the deal when I heard her on the phone telling her husband that I was there to stay. I could have danced a jig, I had found my furever home!

*A note from my Mom..."We can not thank Remy's Foster Mom enough for her unselfish act in giving of her time and home. We had contemplated adopting Remy before, but were concerned with his disposition, his dislike of some of the other dogs, and were worried about how he would get along with our two dogs, etc. Remy's Foster Mom had taken the time to showcase pictures and videos of him that demonstrated Remy's true colors. Seeing Remy with her was all we needed to bring him home. Without this foster opportunity, he might still be living at the shelter waiting for his furever home. Remy is absolutely one of the best things in our life!"

Chewy's story continued...

Chewy's story continued...

We continued promoting Chewy for adoption while he was in his foster home and received an amazing adoption application for him. We set up a meet and greet with his new prospective parents and fur sibling. Things went great and they fell in love! Chewy has been in his new home for about 4 weeks, where he gets ice cream treats and turkey, and all the snuggles he could ask for. He also recently took a trip and had a big day meeting his new grandparents He has found his voice and loves to have talks with his mom and dad. Chewy continues to do amazing and have new adventures with his new family!!!

Fay Brinkley, Executive Director |

Megan Trail, Executive Director | (870)262-7130 |

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